BOSS Customer Insights

Maximize Your Engagement with Customers using our Customer Insights Module!

Discover the BOSS Customer Insights module – your key to staying connected with customers, streamlining your day-to-day priorities, and unlocking the full potential of your business. Unlike other platforms, our integrated BOSS Customer Insights module offers a powerful suite of tools to nurture all customer relationships, automate your marketing campaigns, and manage tasks and appointments effectively. Get ready to take your business to new heights with our user-friendly features!

Maximize Your Engagement with Customers using our Customer Insights Module!

Seamlessly Manage Customer Relationships and Optimize Your Business

Easy to use Email Marketing to keep in touch with all your customers

Our intuitive template builder lets you create top-quality email templates like a pro.

Designing stunning email templates has never been easier! With our intuitive drag-and-drop template builder, you can effortlessly design professional and visually appealing already existing email templates or create your own from scratch that are sure to impress your customers.

Run precise event-triggered email campaigns, BOSS ensures CASL compliance.

With our guided step-by-step process, use trigger points, such as closing or maturity dates, to automatically deploy to your customers. BOSS takes care of consent management, ensuring that all communications are aligned with CASL regulations.

Connect and collaborate with all deal participants

Email everyone all at once. Expand your reach beyond customers and engage with realtors, lawyers, and other stakeholders associated with your deal. Seamlessly communicate with all participants involved, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining processes.

Streamline your Day-to-Day and Unlock Growth Potential

Segment for renewal and refinance opportunities

Segment your database to target renewal and refinance opportunities from existing clients while automating campaigns and communications.

Simplify Your Daily Tasks with Our Comprehensive Management Tools.

Navigate your daily tasks and appointments with our comprehensive management tools, ensuring you never miss a beat in your busy schedule. Stay organized and on top of your responsibilities with ease.

Uncover hidden business and take action to nurture and expand your client base

Unlock the potential of your business as you uncover hidden opportunities and confidently nurture and expand your client base. With our solution, you're empowered to take decisive actions that fuel growth and drive success.

Exclusive to M3 Group Brokers

Submit your deal to National Bank, the 6th biggest lender in Canada

The only way to access exclusive and competitive products offered by National Bank is via BOSS and the M3 Group. See for yourself how these give you a competitive edge against your competition!
*Certified brokers in Quebec and Ontario only

Access the power of the National Lender Desk Team directly via BOSS.

What can the National Lender Desk do for you? In their own words: “WE HANDLE THE LENDER SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON HELPING YOUR CUSTOMERS!”

Exclusif aux courtiers du groupe M3

Soumettez votre dossier à la Banque Nationale, le 6ème plus grand prêteur au Canada.

La seule façon d'accéder aux produits exclusifs et concurrentiels offerts par la Banque Nationale est via BOSS et le Groupe M3. Constatez par vous-même quel avantage concurrentiel vous aurez par rapport à vos concurrents !
*Courtiers certifiés du Québec et de l'Ontario seulement

Profitez directement des services de l'équipe d’Accès Prêteurs via BOSS.

Que peut faire l’Accès Prêteurs pour vous ? Selon leurs propres mots :  vous vous occupez de vos clients et nous nous occupons des prêteurs!

What our brokers have to say

Bringing on a new broker is always challenging. But, within just one week, they submitted deals and got BOSS approvals. No hassle. And as a team lead, I can help with coaching by reviewing deals from my dashboard!

Rosa Bovino

Mortgage Agent

Recent improvements to the customer portal make it an invaluable tool for increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience. The new portal is easy to use, both for brokers and their customers..

Hugo Fortier

Mortgage Broker

What I love the most about BOSS is its customer-focused and supports a strong communication & collaboration with my clients. The customer portal and document retrieval tool paired with all the easy-to-use features like CRA document & Bank Statement retrieval make things simpler & faster for everyone!

Ian Kirby

Mortgage Broker

Ce que disent nos courtiers

L'arrivée d'un nouveau courtier est toujours un défi. Mais en l'espace d'une semaine, ils ont soumis des dossiers et obtenu l'approbation dans BOSS. Aucun problème. Et en tant que chef d'équipe, je peux contribuer au coaching en examinant les transactions depuis mon tableau de bord !

Rosa Bovino

Agent hypothécaire

Les récentes améliorations apportées au portail client en font un outil précieux pour accroître l'efficacité et améliorer l'expérience des clients. Le nouveau portail est facile à utiliser, tant pour les courtiers que pour leurs clients...

Hugo Fortier

Courtier hypothécaire

Ce que j'aime le plus dans BOSS, c'est qu'il est axé sur le client et qu'il favorise une communication et une collaboration étroites avec mes clients. Le portail client et l'outil de recherche de documents, associés à toutes les fonctionnalités faciles à utiliser comme la recherche de documents de l'ARC et de relevés bancaires, rendent les choses plus simples et plus rapides pour tout le monde !

Ian Kirby

Courtier hypothécaire