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BOSS is an Open Platform to serve you, our brokers, better!

How is an open platform better? It makes it easy for partners to connect & integrate with BOSS to create expanded capabilities and deliver a better experience for you and your customers.

Client Relationship Management

API Keys

BOSS offers an API key (upon request) allowing you to seamlessly connect and integrate any software systems with your BOSS database. By utilizing our API keys, you can harness the full power of BOSS while also enjoying the flexibility to connect with external and custom-made solutions.

Lead Generation

Simplify and expedite the mortgage referral process with Pinch Financial integrated with BOSS. With Pinch Financial innovative technology, you can complete full qualification in under 10 minutes.  Elevate your service levels and close deals more efficiently with a faster, more streamlined experience for both you and your customers.

Integrating with third-party platforms, such as Facebook Leads, has never been easier. Our Zapier integration allows you to effortlessly ingest leads from Facebook directly into the BOSS platform. Skip the manual data entry and save valuable time by automating lead capture.

Preferred Partners

With its innovative digital closing solution integrated with BOSS, MyClosing allows you to provide your customers with a hassle-free and cost-effective closing experience. Easily send all forms and documentation to your customer-assigned lawyers, ensuring a smooth transition to the final step.

You are informed and updated on the status of the deal throughout the closing process, which allows you to manage and track progress effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of digital closings, save time and resources while delivering a superior customer experience.

*Available in limited provinces

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