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BOSS, the ultimate solution for brokers like you, seeking success in the mortgage industry. Our comprehensive platform and digital tools provide everything you need to better serve your client and save time, all in one place.

Ignite Your Success Journey with BOSS

Discover How BOSS Empowers You Every Step of The Way!

Elevate your lead game with our broker website and integration with industry-leading technology such as Pinch Financial and help bring in more business.
Fostering connections and converting potential customers into actual customers is possible with our intuitive BOSS tools; Break through the clutter with meaningful engagement that makes an impact with your clients.
Everything from straightforward applications to document collection and task reminders, collaborating and closing deals with your customers is made easy.
Our streamlined process ensures that your routine tasks are completed quickly and painlessly. Say goodbye to payroll and compliance headaches.
Turn positive experiences into powerful referrals, fueling your growth and success.

Boost Efficiency and Growth with BOSS

With BOSS, rest assured that everything we build is with a Brokers-First mindset.

Gather Information
Effortlessly gather client information, automatically validated for easier submissions
BOSS Customer Insights

Get More Business, Boost Your Productivity

Elevate your business with the powerful BOSS Customer Insights Module and gain access to customers ready to do business with you.

Never miss a chance to grow your business and seize all refinance or renewal opportunities.

Take control of your tasks and easily assign them to your customers to speed up the mortgage deal process.

Segment your database your way for renewals, refinances, and future opportunities.

Set up automated campaigns for a streamlined workflow and easy communication with customers.

BOSS Payroll & Compliance

Industry Leading Compliance and Payroll

Streamline operations, ensure compliance, and boost efficiency with BOSS Payroll & Compliance

Streamlined processes
Empower you, the broker, with streamlined processes so you get paid faster
BOSS Reporting

Gain Valuable Insights, Track Progress, and Elevate Your Business

Empower Your Business with Actionable Insights and Data-Driven Decision Making

Deeper your Insight

Gain deeper insights into your business and make the best data-driven decisions

Gain confidence

Access clear and easily understandable information to assess your commission payment details with confidence. The Detailed Deals Commission Report allows you to see the finer details of your balance statement.

Clear visibility

Enjoy unparalleled visibility into your deals, volume and much more with detailed reports to drill down on information that’s key for your business.

Empower Customer Interactions and Foster Collaboration

Seamless Customer Collaboration and Customizable Broker Website for Enhanced Client Engagement

BOSS Ecosystem

Leverage the Power of Our Open Platform

Empowering Growth with BOSS Ecosystem; Unleash your Full Potential with our Open Platform

From lead generation to customer engagement via our seamless connectivity or full integration, we deliver the best products that allow our brokers to be as efficient as possible, leaving more time for value-add activities such as growing their business!

Are you a technology provider? Connect with our team to learn more about integrating your solution with BOSS.
Being Broker-Focused to Deliver the Best Technology

Our Customer Support: Real People Delivering a Seamless Digital Experience

Our dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have general questions or need technical support, we are committed to providing timely and effective solutions with minimal disruption to your workflow. We are proud to provide personalized support, understand the unique needs of our brokers, and provide tailored assistance so you can get back to the work that matters.

Contact our customer support team today and discover the difference of a digital experience supported by real people who truly care.

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M3 Tech: The Power Behind the BOSS Platform – and So Much More for M3 Group Brokers!

M3 Tech is the driving force behind the BOSS platform, but its capabilities extend far beyond. As part of the M3 Group, we are committed to empowering our brokers and revolutionizing the mortgage industry through cutting-edge technology. Our full range of tech solutions goes above and beyond to support brokers, lenders, partners, and consumers alike.

We help over 8K brokers across Canada, all part of the M3 Group Network!