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Empowering our brokers, lenders, partners & customers.

Why are we an Open Platform? We believe that an open platform means more choice for our brokers. Our goal is to give our brokers access to a wide range of options and expertise so they can thrive in the constantly changing business world. We partner with the best to offer the best.


We are the largest tech provider in Canada – servicing over 8,000 brokers. When you’re the biggest, you can do more.


Over $64 billion in annual mortgage origination runs through our systems.

BOSS, Your Complete Digital Mortgage Technology Solution!

Experience a seamless and comprehensive mortgage journey with BOSS, the open digital mortgage platform including:

Fully integrated tools

Seamless connectivity to lenders and partners

Data-driven CRM analytics

Lead generation accelerators

Automated communications

And much more…

BOSS equips you with everything you need to achieve success in today’s mortgage industry.

Meet Our Team

In September 2018, M3 Group, Canada's mortgage brokerage leader, introduced M3 Tech, spearheaded by André Boisvert as our inaugural CTO. With a strong digital transformation background, André became M3's first CTO, assembling a team of 30+ IT innovators.

Under André's guidance, we're on a mission to accelerate innovation, pioneer solutions, and overcome industry challenges. At M3 Tech, we redefine the mortgage tech landscape, shaping Canada's tech future with pioneering spirit.

Together, we're forging ahead, leaving a lasting imprint on our industry through cutting-edge solutions and transformative progress. Join us as we shape the future and make our mark in the industry we proudly serve.

Vincent Rochette

VP of Product

Alifia Yusuf

Director, Customer Success

Mauricio Juarez

Director - Insurance Solutions Development

Karl Sutton

VP of Tech

Bikram Paul

Tech Leader
This could be you!

Meet Our Dedicated Customer Success Manager Team

Your Partners in Success: Driving Results and Satisfaction

We take pride in our committed and dedicated professionals who are here to ensure your success every step of the way.

Our team of Customer Success Managers is focused on helping drive results and maximizing your utilization of our platform.

Your success is our top priority, and we are excited to embark on this journey with you. Together, we'll reach new heights!

Security is our top priority

Our Commitment to Data Security

As the leading provider of mortgage origination technology, we prioritize the highest level of security comparable to that of banks. At M3 Tech, we are dedicated to safeguarding your data!

We are #1 In Security

M3 Tech is Canada’s undisputed #1 in data security. We are SOC 2 certified and the only mortgage brokerage in the country to pass the stringent bank-level security audit. Widely recognized as the highest designation for privacy and confidentiality in the industry, this is another example of how M3 demonstrates its leadership position when it comes to data security.

Our Data Pledge

When you are the country's largest mortgage originator tech supplier you need a level of security that is at par with the banks. At M3 Tech, all your data is protected & backed by our pledge to:

  • Ensure proper consent
  • Give you full access and control over your data
  • Always keep your data safe and secure

Delivering more with SecurConnex!

With SecurConnex's launch, M3 Tech ensures top security standards across all our platforms. Just as ISO9002 certifies factories, SecurConnex safeguards our businesses and client data. As an M3 broker using our platforms, the SecurConnex seal underpins every digital customer interaction. This seal reaffirms our dedication to safeguarding their data and maintaining its integrity.

We aim to provide one of Canada's highest security standards, offering assurance to your customers. Our commitment to technology you can trust remains unwavering. We understand the importance of safeguarding against breaches that could jeopardize you and your clients.

Innovation is in our DNA

At M3 Tech, innovation runs deep. We're driven to exceed tech limits, crafting groundbreaking solutions for mortgages. Our team thrives on emerging trends, data, and cutting-edge tech to redefine experiences. Innovation isn't a goal; it's our lifeblood, propelling us to constantly reshape mortgage tech's future.