Your Mortgage Market

Help your customers speed to "Yes" with the industry's first mortgage pre-qualification tool.

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All the features your customers need.

Your Mortgage Market lets your customers know in just minutes how much they can afford on a home based on their creditworthiness with lenders. You can even put your personal link on your referral sources site.
Get your personal information ready

It takes only minutes to complete the questions and be verified with lenders for your maximum mortgage amount.

Find out your maximum mortgage amount

Your Mortgage Market verifies your information with our 133+ lenders to give your customers the best answer.

Trust you are getting the whole picture

Since Your Mortgage Market connects to lenders and credit monitoring agencies like Equifax, you can trust you are getting real information.

Get informed about your credit

Not only will Your Mortgage Market inform your customers about how much house they can afford, it will also tell them their credit score.

What's In It For Our Brokers

Capture the imagination of customers by simplifying the home buying process and speed to "yes" with M3's best-in-class pre-qualifier entity.
Generate Qualified Leads
Your Mortgage Market connects to lenders and credit monitoring agencies and all the information goes into your BOSS account.
Connect With More Referral Sources
You can put your personal link on referral source sites. This way it helps both of you attract business.
Accelerate The Buying Process
A mortgage pre-qualification is the first step in the buying process. Once your customers are ready to get financing you already have their application started.

The exclusive pre-qualification tool trusted by Purple Bricks Realty and DuPropio.