Digital Marketing & Lead Acquisition

A set of tools to improve and diversify your ability to reach consumers, capture their attention and convert them efficiently into customers.

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New Features Being Launched

Watch out for these new features being added to MortgageBOSS's Digital Marketing & Lead Acquisition tools.
Integrate Your Facebook Leads
Acquire leads via your Facebook Lead Ads and integrate in Mortgage BOSS so that you can manage your leads directly within BOSS.
Zapier Leads Integration
With Zapier, it is possible to easily integrate with any third-party platform to inject leads into BOSS.
Lead Workflow & Management (including Referral Partner)
As the source of leads, it is important to manage and report them in one central place. The Referral Partner feature allows you to identify and measure each partner.
E-Mail Automation
Building on the current BOSS E-mail, triggered e-mail's are now possible to automate e-mail campaigns.
MailChimp Integration
For the more sophisticated user, BOSS is integrated with MailChimp to benefit from the full potential that this platform offers.

Existing Solutions

Marketing Services

Consulting services provided  for AdWords, SEO, social media posting and more.

Broker Websites

Created with SEO in mind, optimized landing pages, and dynamic content that allows you to choose which modules you want to have on your website.


The most sophisticated mortgage prequalification platform in Canada that matches your client information against lender scorecards and generate highly-qualified leads to brokers.

BOSS Built-In E-Mail Marketing

A tool that allows you to send highly targeted e-mails to your customer base at each stage of the customer journey.

Your secret weapon to tame the
Digital Marketing Dragon

BOSS provides the most varied set of digital marketing services in the industry, from traditional e-mail marketing and websites, to sophisticated prequalification and advanced social media services.

Since BOSS is an open platform it integrates incoming leads into a coherent funnel, brokers can diversify their sources through partnerships and increase their reach without sacrificing ease of use and efficiency.
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