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How it all started.

To accelerate next-generation initiatives and address the real challenges in the ecosystem, Canada’s undisputed #1 launches M3 Tech and names their inaugural Chief Technology Officer in September 2018.
After a successful career in digital transformation leading teams for organizations where technology was at the epi-center of their focus, André Boisvert jumps into the world of consulting. After catching the attention of M3’s CEO, André is hired as the Group’s inaugural Chief Technology Officer where he quickly assembles a team of 30+ IT trailblazers.

Every first needs a second in command.
Meet Karl. An experienced technology leader in the Canadian mortgage industry. Karl and the IT team had been working through Canada’s tightening regulatory storm when André arrived to help them assess the damage. Shortly thereafter, they join forces to integrate digital ecosystems that anticipate, respond and matter most to brokers and their buyers.

Every manager needs top talent.  
Meet Vincent. A former hockey player and MMA fighter, Vincent is both a team player and an independent competitor who will zealously ensure that your business needs are not only met, but surpassed. As the Product Leader, Vincent ensures to provide a vision and strategy for M3 Tech to grow and succeed for all stakeholders.
Meet Bikram. Another millennial on a mission in today’s hyper-connected world. The engineer, coder,webmaster, database doctor and weekend gamer wouldn’t settle for anything less than new ideas and a better user experience to boot.

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