Putting The Broker First

At M3 Tech we partner with our brokers to ensure success. When you speak, we listen.

The #ILoveMyBOSS campaign is inspired by your feedback! After countless broker interviews, a network wide survey and tons of meetings we have compiled your most requested updates into MortgageBOSS 5.1.

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How Did We Collect Your Feedback?

1 on 1 Interviews
With 165+ brokers across Canada.
Global Survey
Across all networks to 8,000+ brokers.
Meetings & Events
Over 30 broker meetings and events were attended.
Said they would like to see the navigation and usability improved.
Said they would like to the efficiency of the deal entry module improved.
Would like to see a mix of things like speed, bugs fixes, and improved training.


Over the next few weeks we will be launching a series of new features in BOSS based on your feedback. Follow M3 Tech on LinkedIN and check back each week to learn what’s new.

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E-Signature by M3 Sign

Transform the customer experience by offering a seamless digital process. Another industry first,choose between our very own M3 Sign or DocuSign.

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Deal Entry Interface

In MortgageBOSS 5.1 you will enjoy a completely transformed, more efficient, easy to read, deal entry interface.

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