Deal Submission & Connectivity

A set of tools to help simplify the deal process from application to approval.

New Features Being Launched

Watch out for these new features being added to Deal Submission & Connectivity from MortgageBOSS.
Submission Flexibility
When submitting from BOSS, you can choose any combination of applicants and mortgage request to different lenders without ever having to modifying the information you entered in the deal. We manage it all in the 'Lender Submit' tab.
Direct to Lender Connectivity
'M3 reinforced its lender relationship by creating its own lender connections with BOSS hereby enabling the ability for brokers to submit directly to the lender without the necessity to use a third party data entry platform.
Credit Bureau Pull
M3 Tech's partnership with Equifax and TransUnion allows you to pull a credit bureau and copy the relevant information into the mortgage application through the 'Copy Liabilities' and 'Create Application' functionalities.
Front & Back-end Validations
Validations are an integral part of the submission process as it ensures that you are sending the correct information to the intended lender. Our front & back-end validations are enriched with detailed error messages and each validation is tailored to the lender you are submitting your application to.

Submitting your deal has never been easier

BOSS provides a complete set of tools to help you connect with directly with lenders and submit your deal from start to finish.