An inclusive workplace where ideas thrive.

There may not be a single tech company in Canada that compares to the culture that M3-Tech brings to the table

A day in the life @M3-Tech

From drinking coffee, to Drinking more coffee - M3-Tech strives to put brokers first - all the while smashing ground breaking mortgage based software advancements out of the park.

Oh. And Drinking more coffee.

Benefits galore when you join

We bring more to the table than our glowing personalities.
Competitive Salary

We know its fun to work here, but you also have to pay the bills. Don't worry, we don't expect you to work for free

Paid Benefits

You probably won't ever need them, but just in case, we help to make sure you're covered.

Free Equipment

We want to make sure you're at your best, so we make sure you have the tools to be at your best.

All the coffee you can drink

I mean, maybe not all of it, there's a physical limit to the amount of coffee that we can physically store in our office, but for most mortals we have you covered.

Open Positions

Don't see the role that fits your skill set, but interesting in joining us? Don't be shy, send us your CV - we're always hiring
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