Broker Productivity

Introducing a set of tools coming to BOSS to improve your ability to ingest, create and process deals from start to finish.

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New Features Being Launched

Watch out for these new features being added to MortgageBOSS's Broker Productivity tools.
E-Signature Integration
The ability to upload, send and receive electronically signed documents in a secured and centralized matter.
Task Management
The new task module allows you to interconnect and manage your day-to-day tasks from a deal, contact and broker perspective all in an efficient manner. 
Document Management
We have revamped the SafeDocs with a refreshed  look and additional features to improve how you manage the document gathering process from your clients. 
Lead Workflow & Management
As the source of leads, it is importantto manage and report them in one central place. The Referral Partner features allows to identify and measure each partner.

Existing Solutions

Deal Entry & Credit Bureau

An efficient and familiar data entry platform that allows you to pull credit, copy liabilities and with the 'Search Database' feature to complete your deal faster than anyother platform. 

Lender Submission Flexibility

The flexibility to submit to all lenders with BOSS and choosing your desired combination of applicants to be sent without having to recreate a new deal.   

Views & SmartViews

The most sophisticated database segmentation feature in the market along with BOSS provided suggestions on which deals to prioritize your renewals and refinance opportunities. 

Compliance & Payroll 

A complete, quick and simple solution to process your documents and get paid.

Reports & Expense Management

In-depth and user customized reporting for all your needs including an expense dedicated module. 

We make technology work for you

BOSS provides an extensive set of features that includes your ability to ingest, create and process deals fromstart to finish. The ability to submit to all lenders directly from BOSS, the ease by which you dedicate your attention to high priority deals, an in-depth reporting experience and a complete compliance and payroll solution.

Now let BOSS bring you on the journey of e-signatures, improved document, task and leadmanagement features. 
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