Broker Administration & Security

Simplifying your life and protecting your business.

New Features Being Launched

Watch out for these new features being added to Broker Administration & Security from MortgageBOSS.
SOC2 is a framework created by the AICPA that details the controls that a company uses to process data and describes the security and privacy of that and is issued by outside auditors. It assesses the extent to which a service provider complies with the five “trust service principles”— security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.''
Data Pledge
At M3 Tech, all your data is protected and backed by our pledge to ensure proper consent, give you full access and control over your data, and to always keep your data safe and secure.
Secure Hosting
All of M3’s platforms are hosted in state-of-the-art cloud environments with top-level security. All connections and communications are done through secure encrypted channels. All accesses are protected and monitored with sophisticated hierarchical access management systems.
Data Import & Export
We believe that you are the owner of your data and as such we can faciliate your process importing data from 3rd party providers from our APIs or through Zapier. As always, you can always extract and manipulate your data in excel at any moment from your BOSS.

Simplfying the process & Securing your business

BOSS provides a complete set of administrative and security features at every key touch point. With best tech practices and state of the art secuirty, BOSS is the solution to ensure that you and your business benefit from a secure digital experience; where, when and how you want it.