Customer Digital Experience

Simplifying your customer’s life is what the digital experience is all about.

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New Features Being Launched

Watch out for these new features being added to your Customer's Digital Experience from MortgageBOSS.
Online Application
We have revamped the online application with a new look and feel that simplifies the application process for the borrowers.
Client Portal
The ability to interact with customers through a portal that allows clients to upload documents, send and receive online applications whilst collaborating with the broker.
Bank Statements
The ability to retrieve customer bank statement information on behalf of the customer without ever logging in to the client's online banking. The resulting statements populate in BOSS.
CRA Documents
The ability to retrieve customer documentation available through the Canadian Revenue Agency on behalf of the customer without ever logging in to the client's CRA account. 

Existing Solutions

Safe Docs

The ability for a borrower to submit his documents in secure and concise manner.

Online Application

A simple solution that allows customers to input their information in a form that feeds directly into BOSS.  

Mail Merge

The ability to send e-mail communication to your database so that you can easily stay in top of mind with your clients and keepin touch with your prospects. 

Mobile Applications & Mobile Websites

Multiple tools that allow your clients to experience mobile applications and your websites across all platforms.

Real-Time Prequalification

Your clients can obtain, in real time, the highest mortgage amount and property price they can buy in just a few minutes.

Bring Your Customers 1-Click Closer

BOSS provides a complete set of features at every key touch point within the customer journey of the mortgage cycle. With e-mail campaigns, consumer facing websites, applications, client portals and document gathering, BOSS is the solution to ensure that your customers can benefit from your services through a complete digital experience; where, when and how they want it. 
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