The Most Efficient Platform for Brokers, Lenders and Consumers

BOSS offers a fully integrated solution enabling brokers access to an all-in-one platform connecting them to lenders to ultimately get the best deal for consumers.

Canada's all-in-one open digital mortgage platform:

faster, easier & interconnected.

Fully integrated tools, seamless connectivity to lenders & partners, CRM data-driven analytics, lead generation accelerators and automated communications… BOSS provides everything needed to be successful.

A digital experience supported by real people is what we deliver.

• 7 days/week live support
• On demand training via our learning center, BOSS Excellence
• Open platform approach
• Quick access to top industry partners
• Highly secured digital consumer approach

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Features that support your business.

M3 Tech empowers brokers with innovative tools & solutions to help business flow and create that unique customer journey.

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Deal Entry & Submission

A sleek and effective user interface, combined with numerous productivity features to gather data and documents. These allow users to validate information and to ensure a quick & flawless submission to all lenders.

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Lead Management

Fully comprehensive reporting to better understand where your best leads are coming from, including conversion.

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Tasks Management

Includes an overview of all your tasks. Easily collaborate with external partners like real estate agents by sending them notifications. Improve efficiency by allowing multiple users to work on the same deal.

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Compliance Workflow

Intuitive & easy compliance process that is fast and consistent - our process is the same for every deal.

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Data Insights

Quickly segment your data with our intuitive module that allows for easy exporting and a connection to your email campaigns.

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